Maximum therapy with basic swimming


Maximum therapy with basic swimming

Spa Boy®

The most advanced Automated Water Care System is available on this All Weather Pool!

The Ocean includes maximum luxury in the form of more swim spa features than the other All Weather Pools.

The Ocean’s therapeutic potential is enriched by its customisability in the form of multiple available jet configurations.


Water Volume: 5100 Litres / 1347 US Gallons

Choose your spa jet configuration

Variations on the model include these options below:


61 Jets -|- 5 Pumps


45 Jets -|- 3 Pumps


30 Jets -|- 2 Pumps


17 Jets -|- 1 Pumps

Custom Features

The ability to customize an Arctic Spa is one of the best features of the brand. Choose exactly what you want and need.

Water Care

Spa Boy®

Fully automated salt water care system!

Peak 1 Ozone

Reliable ozone system.

Peak 2 Ozone

High output programmable ozone system.


Adjustable salt water care system.


Family Lighting Package

More lights and the controls light up.

Ultimate Lighting Package

Every jet and control is a light!

Advanced Function & Durability

Ecopack Spa Controls

Advanced digital controls.


2 way internet control system.

No Maintenance Cabinet

Classic look and choice of color.

Forever Floor

All you need is level ground.

Mylovac™ Cover

Stronger, better insulated cover.

Titanium™ Heater

Special element with better warranty.

Sound Systems

Wet Tunes™

Marine grade pop up speakers.


Transducers turn the spa into a big speaker!

Aquatremor™ DLX

Speakers and transducers, total surround sound.

Fitness Kit

Rowing Exercise Kit.


Fogger with light and water effects.