Hand Rails for Hot Tubs

Add Extra Style, Safety and Security with Our Hot Tub Handrails

Safe entry and exit is essential for any hot tub, and our spa hand rails are designed to offer outstanding strength and stability, regardless of your Arctic Spas hot tub model. Sturdy steel construction means that our entire hot tub handrail assortment is designed to last for years, right alongside your hot tub!

Plus, Arctic Spas hot tub handrails provide the flexibility and convenience of on-the-fly adjustments, so it’s easy to change your hot tub railing configuration with no hassle. Lightweight yet strong, our spa handrails are perfect for one-person hot tubs all the way up to 7 and 8-person portable spas and hot tubs.

Hot Tub Handrails

Custom Configurations, Lasting Value, Easy Integration

Arctic Spas hot tub railing is ideal for any spa owner that wants to make their entertainment and relaxation area safer and more secure. If you have a young family or invite guests over with younger children, it’s a good idea to provide the safest entry and exit mode – and nothing achieves this peace of mind quite like our spa handrails, hot tub handrails and related accessories.

If you’ve already installed your hot tub safety rail and would like to customize its position, no problem at all! Turn your hot tub handrail a full 180 degrees to provide extra assistance for people entering or exiting your hot tub. Our powder coated aluminum spa hand rails are secured with stainless steel hardware, which aligns with the Arctic Spas reputation as the world’s sturdiest outdoor hot tub.

As easy they are to install and re-position, Arctic Spas hot tub railing also removes easily. So if you’ll be away for a while and want to “winterize” your hot tub, you’ll enjoy hassle-free hand rail removal.

Our spa hand rails are just part of our complete line of hot tub accessories. From hot tub steps and cover lift devices to other premium add-ons, the Arctic Spas online store has everything you’re looking for. To find the closest authorized Arctic Spas dealer, visit our store locator. For information about our spa handrails, installing your hot tub handrail and other questions, give us a call at 800-309-1744. We’re happy to help!

Arctic Spas Hot Tub Handrail Side In

Arctic Spas hot tub handrail side out

Arctic Spas hot tub handrail side out